Camp Nou Experience

Camp Nou Experience

I already wrote in one of the posts that the trip to Spain was the best. It was the best because I realized a dream of getting to know this country that lived up to all my expectations! I took advantage of the twenty days I stayed there and got to know some cities and of course Barcelona had to be included. In this post I will talk about the visit I made to the Barcelona pitch: Camp Nou. I like football and whenever I can, I include a visit to the local team in my trips. And visiting the Barcelona field was a unique experience!
I arrived in Barcelona on Saturday morning and as soon as I left my luggage at the hotel I went to the stadium. The hotel I stayed at was very close to the countryside and I was able to walk. For those who want the tip, I stayed at the NH Rallye; Travesera by L. Corts, 150-152

Photo taken from my bedroom window, where part of the Barça stadium could be seen!

Once there, the team was training for a match and there was a large concentration of journalists for post-practice interviews. We had to wait for training to be able to enter and visit.
Right at the entrance to the museum, we pass through a long corridor with several panels lined up with the players, coach and images of the team’s history. And I still didn’t believe I was there!
Leaving the corridor that looked more like a gallery, we entered the museum of the Catalan team. And there we started to discover the history of the team and its main players and came across a huge trophy room. What I liked the most is that while it tells the story, the atmosphere is very modern. Along with the trophies and jerseys of the players who have already been there, there are several interactive counters where, by clicking on a photo of a specific player, we can find out about their entire trajectory, goals and marks on the team.

Of course, the great sensation of the moment at the museum was Lionel Messi, the best in the world and a source of great pride for Barcelona fans. I was there in December 2010 and Barça in 2011 would become the Spanish and world champions! Walking through the Barça museum we can find several tributes to the current idol: the golden boot, videos with the main goals, shirts used in games and so on. In Barcelona everyone loves Messi! And with good reason, he is my idol too.

Leaving this first part of the visit, we move to the upper part of the football field, in the stands. Yea! A football field in Europe is very different from Brazilian fields… Of course I already knew this, but when I came across that perfect field, that wonderful structure I was thinking why don’t we have all of this since our football is infinitely best!
We can also enter the space reserved for the press and circulate through the upper stands.
After this first contact with the field, we went through the room for press conferences and locker rooms. After that we left again in the field, but this time at the bottom. The excitement is much greater because you can see the field up close and pass by the reserve benches area. Without wanting to be repetitive, but already being, it is a unique experience to know the Barcelona field!

After the visit to the field, we still go to the other part of the museum where we find more videos with the players who were part of the club’s history. And as a Brazilian I was very happy to see how much the Spaniards value and like Brazilian players. Being in a country different from yours and seeing videos about Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Daniel Alves is a way to be proud of the country. After all, with so much bad news, we have good things to show too! I was particularly moved by the videos of the phenomenon Ronaldo, watching him at the beginning of his career, seeing the unforgettable plays he made for Barça and knowing that after that his life would no longer be the same was really exciting.

Ending this unique experience, time to spend the euros at the Barcelona store. The museum exits at the store and there we can find all kinds of products with the Barcelona brand. Finally, a succession of temptations! Compared to the Real Madrid store the prices are slightly better.
For those who love football and go to Barcelona, ​​I consider it a must visit! And it has to be done on the first contact with the city! Even those who don’t like football will be delighted with this team structure, football field and the passion of the Catalan people for their team! This was really one of the remarkable experiences of the various trips I’ve made and I dream of coming back one day to watch a game!! It’s not like you’re going to be able to see it again.

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