Botín: The Oldest Restaurant In The World

Botín: The Oldest Restaurant In The World

How about lunch at the oldest restaurant in the world? If you’re in Madrid, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the “Botín”, a restaurant founded in 1725 and which, according to the Guinness Bokk, is the oldest in the world.

restaurant facade
The atmosphere is very cozy and the service is very good. When we enter Botín, we already feel the atmosphere of antiquity due to the decoration of the place. The restaurant has two rooms and we chose the top floor for lunch.

Detail of the menu and the table prepared for our lunch!

A bit of history: The foundation of the restaurant dates back to 1725. Period in which Madrid was expanding to better receive the Spanish court. The place, at that time, served as a small inn and at that time there was already a wood oven that remains strong and strong today. It was this oven that prepared the guests’ food. The curiosity of the time is that guests needed to take the food they were going to eat, as they had to buy the meat from local merchants.

top floor lounge

Wine list detail
Botín’s main quality is to offer a high quality service in a welcoming environment, but without luxury. Its simplicity that makes it more cozy.
For those who, in addition to having lunch, learn a little more about the history of the place, there is the option of taking a guided tour with the restaurant doors closed! “La experiencia Botín” takes the customer to know the history and try the dish that is the house specialty: “El cochinillo asado” prepared in the oldest oven in the world! This exclusive tour costs 55.00 euros per person.

me and Deborah

Me and @aguilera13 (Hitchhiker’s Daily Blog)

If you’re in Madrid, don’t waste your time and go meet the “Botín” and leave happy for having had the privilege of having a nice meal in the oldest restaurant in the world.

Opening hours: Lunch: 13:00 to 16:00 and Dinner: 20:00 to 00:00
Open every day
Address: Calle de Cuchilleros, 17 – Madrid (near Plaza Mayor)

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